This site was established for the purpose of helping others in moving through the challenges and even the victories of life with grace and comfort.

Living a life in recovery from anything is a great victory and a great challenge.

I have entered in to a phase of my life that is all about what I can do for those around me. How I can be of service.

I left my job with the local school district. Got my training as a Substance Abuse Counselor from the State of Alaska. Became a Certified NLP Practitioner and am earning my certification as an EFT practitioner. Nobody goes into this field to get rich. At least not in material things.

I am rich however with the rewards of giving and knowing that I am positively affecting the lives of people. Through the ripple effect those people have on others and in turn those people on yet others, I am able to enhance the lives of people I will never meet.

To me that is completely magical.