A Time for Change

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If everything in your life is perfect and as you want it, you can skip this post entirely…
Change is a topic that a lot of people touch on about now in the form of the New Year’s Resolution. A vow to stop smoking, lose weight, get fit, or somehow make some kind of a dent in their “should” list. It’s indeed interesting to look at how change really happens for people.

Everyone in recovery has a point when there came ...

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The Shortest Day or the Longest Night

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Here we are at the turning point of Winter Solstice. Whether you see the glass half empty or half full pretty much calls it on how you view this tipping point of daylight. Of course, both are true but they each feel a little different.

I’m experiencing a wonderful Holiday Season of ups and downs. I get to watch and appreciate them now instead of being on the roller coaster and getting nauseous.

I’ve written before about how in early recovery I ...

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