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Welcome to A Starting Line.

Tools for living a fuller life because we are all in recovery from something.

This is a start and a growing resource. I will be posting on the blog weekly and adding resources here for what people find most valuable.

When I started a life in recovery I thought that I just needed to get clean and sober. Then I’d be fixed. I’d cross the finish line. Whew! What a relief!

I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

What I actually found was that this finish line I’d pictured was actually a starting line.

Now I could have a real life. An honest life. Honesty with myself…finally… allows me to be honest with others.

I could actually do the things I thought about because I wasn’t shackled by my own beliefs and unhealthy patterns.

As I started this new course, I found that many fellow travelers had very similar experiences and it did not matter what their “addiction” or “abuse” centered around. It does not matter if it was an addiction to a substance, eating, or other behaviors. A trauma from a family issue, an accident or other severe experience of some kind.

There is help and YOU have the resources to achieve successful living.

I am a guy who found his life not working and had to make a change for the better. I don’t have all the answers but I have figured out some of the right questions. I have assembled some good tools for this journey and I find my true satisfaction in life through sharing them.

We all need tools to be effective, highly functioning people. If you find some of what I share valuable, please share again with those in your life that could benefit also.

That would probably be everybody.